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BERYL TRUST COMPANY LTD is a Cyprus-based administrative service provider owned and managed by professionals with more than 25 years of expertise in the area of corporate administration.

our services

Since our establishment in Cyprus, our office provides a full range of administration services to Cyprus companies.

We involve the opening of corporate bank accounts in banks and payment institutions worldwide.

Our distinction  lies in the attention we have always given to the issues of a business presence. 

Provision of bookkeeping services, preparation of financial statements and filing of tax returns.



Cyprus is an ideal country for foreign investors and individuals managing operations around the world because of lots of benefits. Cyprus holds its position as the most advantageous EU jurisdiction for international tax planning purposes.


In 2008 the Cypriot pound was replaced by the Euro, which became the official national currency. The country’s legal system is based on common law.


The income tax for residents and non‐residents is 12.5% and further advantages for tax optimization are available under the 47 Double Taxation Treaties concluded by Cyprus and from EU directives on the taxation of holding companies.

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