Business presence in Cyprus

Our distinction from other international corporate specialists lies in the attention we have always given to the issues of a business presence when assisting our clients in creating international corporate structure.

Our firm does not perceive the concept of economic substance in the country of a company’s registration as something new, recently introduced by joint activities of the EU and OECD.  For many years, we are aware of the fact that international companies within corporate structures cannot be wholly artificial arrangements without features of a real company.

Nowadays, the business presence and economic substance in Cyprus becomes a necessity for every Cyprus entity involved in international business. The relevant criteria applying in this respect are:

  • genuine economic activities,
  • adequate physical presence,
  • number of personnel corresponding to the type and volume of activities of the company,
  • adequate qualification of the staff and management, including the company directors,
  • local expenses that are proportionate to the level of activity.

Our professional support to incoming clients and investors can be divided into the following categories:

Office space

  • lease of highly representative offices or workstations on an exclusive or shared basis,
  • short‐term rental of meeting rooms,
  • visitor management,
  • representation of a company when dealing with authorities and third parties,
  • telephone and fax services.


  • staff outsourcing,
  • search and recruitment of personnel,
  • bookkeeping and tax administration related to employees residing in Cyprus,
  • payroll,


  • mailhosting/webhosting services and webdesign,
  • membership in Cyprus-based business organisations and international Chambers of commerce.

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